Speaking: Success in English

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This website includes access to the 10-lesson English conversation course that I designed to help students with their listening and speaking practice. The conversations in the course are between a native speaker and a Japanese person. The conversations are quite long and include natural English , so I think they will help you improve your own speaking. This course has already helped thousands of my Japanese students over the past 15 years since I first published it.

Although it was originally designed for Japanese university students, many adults have also found it beneficial. In addition, it might be useful for listening practice in preparation for the Eiken conversation listening section.

Topics of the lessons:

  • first meeting & introductions
  • talking about courses at university
  • hometowns & countries
  • part-time jobs
  • hobbies & sports
  • music & movies
  • families
  • student life (campus life)
  • last weekend (talking about the past)
  • holiday plans (talking about the future)

Click here to access the full course, including downloadable pages and videos of the conversation practice: Success in English Conversation